Financial Literacy

What To Bring With You To You VITA Tax Appointment

Please Bring Your Social Security Cards

If you don’t have a Social Security Card, a social security benefit statement showing your Social Security Number is an acceptable substitute. If you have misplaced your social security card(s) and you do not receive benefits, go to to apply for a replacement.

You Will Also Need To Bring The Following Documents

  1. Valid Photo ID

  2. If married and filing a joint return: Your spouse must be present for the appointment

  3. Proof of medical insurance for 2016: Form 1099HC / 1095A - If you purchased health insurance through the Market Place (, you will have received a document proving the months you had insurance

  4. Copy of last year's income tax return

  5. All W-2 Forms (earning statements) from every employer you worked for during 2016

  6. If Self-Employed: Form 1099s and all totals of cash payments received and expenses you want to deduct in 2016

  7. If you paid for child care in 2016: total dollar amount of payments made and the name, address and Employer Identification Number (EIN) or Social Security Number of the child care provider

  8. If you paid college/post-secondary education expenses in 2016: Form 1098T (tuition payment statement) for each household member who attended college in 2016 and/or the total amount of student loan interest you may have paid

  9. Total rent your paid in 2016 and landlord or rental agent's name and address

  10. If you had a foreclosure on your property: Form 1099-A

  11. If you had a short-sale of your home or other debt forgiven: Form 1099-C from the lender

  12. If you contributed to a Health Savings Account: Form 1099-SA

  13. Your checkbook or bank statement if you want to direct deposit your refund