Lend a Hand Program

Lend A Hand is the PATRIOT LEDGER newspaper's charitable foundation. Each year during the holiday season the newspaper publishes articles about real people in need. Readers are asked to donate cash to the foundation and the newspaper distributes these donations to local human service agencies for dispersal to clients requesting assistance from Lend A Hand. The stories that are published in the newspaper are those of clients from the human service agencies.

Ledger Land

The agencies selected by the newspaper each year to distribute the donations to their clients are South Shore Community Action Council, South Shore Mental Health, Quincy Community Action Program, and two smaller organizations named each year. The donations received by the newspaper are divided among the five agencies.

Only clients residing in the Patriot Ledger readership area are eligible for participation. The readership area includes South Shore communities and Plymouth. Cape Cod and Wareham area clients are not eligible.