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How to apply?

Call 508-747-7575 x226 and speak to the Consumer Aid staff. Depending on the nature of your complaint, a complaint/inquiry form will be mailed to you, or the appropriate referral will be made if your question is beyond the scope of this office.

Click Here to Access A Consumer Complaint Form

Please provide us with complete addresses and telephone numbers for yourself and the company or individual(s) involved. Also, please include COPIES of any papers, documents, bills, receipts, etc. which may help in evaluating your complaint. DO NOT SEND ORIGINALS.

What happens next?

Upon receipt, your complaint will be reviewed. If it does not fall within our jurisdiction, we will refer it to the appropriate agency and you will be notified. Otherwise, we will mediate the complaint through an informal process involving letters and phone calls in an effort to reach a mutually agreeable settlement. If we are unable to resolve your complaint, we will advise you on how to file in Small Claims Court or to seek relief through a private attorney.

Informational brochures on: the Lemon Aid Law; New & Leased Car Lemon Law; Used Vehicle Warranty Law; Keys to Vehicle Leasing; Home Improvement; Shopping Rights; Privacy Rights and Protections; the "Do Not Call Registry"; Managing Credit & Debt; the "30 Day Demand Letter"; Don't be Fooled by a Mortgage Scam; Landlord Rights & Responsibilities; are available, and will be mailed upon request.